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MacDonald R.N., F/O, J21003, Pilot with 123 Sqn circa August 1943 and as a typhoon pilot with 439 Sqn until  03 Nov 1944. Son of John Nelson MacDonald and Ethel MacDonald, of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. Killed at the age of 21, on a routine maintenance test flight at Melsbroek, Holland. An original of 123 Sqn, F/O MacDonald had 41 missions under his belt at the time of his death.

MacDonald BA Cpl 22892 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

MacKay S/L  Sabre Pilot CO 439 19 Oct 1959 - July 1960. Became  Chief Operations Officer at No. 4 (F) Wing, the job he had been originally slated for.

McKessock R.G. A graduate of  No. 11 S.F.T.S. at Yorkton with the rank of Sgt. He was subsequently promoted to Pilot Officer on the 17 Oct 1941 posted to the School of Army Co-operation which was reopened at Rockcliffe, Ontario on the 22 October 1941 and  which was the  fore-runner of 123 and later 439 Sqn. At the end of November 1942 left for the "Y" Depot (Halifax NS) , a holding unit for personnel posted overseas.

MacLean Everett (Red) Aero Engine Tech Marville 1961 to 1965  lived in St Mard Bel.

MacLeod F/O Sabre Pilot Posted in from Chatham, N.B.Circa Nov 1953 - 

MacTavish R.M., Mac, F/O, J22385, Pilot, ???? - 18 Mar 1944. Son of Wilfrid Lawrence MacTavish and Edith Jane MacTavish, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Killed at the age of 24 while based at Ayr, Scotland, training for war.

McAvity H.K. , Mac, F/L, J4884, Pilot with 123 Sqn from October 1943 and 439 Sqn until 10 Feb 1944. Son of G. Clifford McAvity and Nita M. McAvity, of St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. Killed at the age of 24 while based at Ayr, Scotland, training for upcoming wartime operations.

McBride A.C., Al (Mac), F/O, J85728, Pilot, 15 Sep 1944 - 29 Mar 1945, Tour expired with 88 trips and 102:20 operational hours with a total of 1006:50 flying hours.

McBurney Dave Cpl Safety Systems Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1963, Sports reporter for radio station CFN

McCann F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Jun 1957 -

McCartney Dave Electrical Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1952....and a valued contributor to this website.

McCullough J.H., Johnny, F/L, J16210, Pilot, 24 Feb 1945 - ????,. 1st tour was with No. 1 Sqn RAF. 2nd Tour with 439 Sqn. Declared missing 24 Apr 1945. His operational record is; 18 sorties on his second tour, 140:00 operational hours on his first tour and 17:05 hours on his second, making a total of 157:05 operational hours and giving him a grand total of 821:55 flying hours. 

McCully A.B., Mac, AF/L, J16549, Pilot, 24 Mar 1945 - 22 June 1945. Arrived from 263 Squadron on R.P.'s.  Posted to 401 Sqn for repatriation.

McGarva F/L 1958  Sabre Pilot

McGibbon D.S., Buck, F/O, J43849, Pilot, 27 Mar 1945- ????.

McGibbon M.L., F/O, Sabre Pilot Circa 1963

McManes F.H., F/L, J21407, Pilot, 18 May 1945- ????. Posted in from 175 Sqn (arrived 5 July 1945).

McNally J Cpl 26268 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

McNaughton F/O Sabre Pilot Circa May 1959 -

McQueen F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Jun 1957 -

McQueen Sandy, Sgt Armament Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1963, believed to have retired to Scotland in 1964.

McWilliams William "Bill" (27 Apr 1937- 4 Aug 2005) Major,  pilot CF-104 Baden 1972-1975 with 439 Sqn as a Captain.

Mackerracher NM F/O 24370 F-86 Sabre Pilot Circa 1953

Mahagan  WJ, F/O Typhoon Pilot, From October 1943 posted to 123 Sqn prior to its departure overseas.  posted to 83 Gr. Support Unit w.e.f. 09 Apr 1944

Malo J.A., F/Sgt, 2463, NCO i/c Workshops with 123 Squadron circa 1943. Maintenance NCO, ????- 18 May 1945 with 439 Squadron.

Marcoux M.A., F/O, J17856, Pilot, Tour Expired after being with the Sqn only a month. having seen much service previously with Nos. 245, 430 and 440 Squadrons. After completing seven trips with No. 439 F/O Marcoux was posted as O.T.E.

Marki Edgar LAC  who served 9 Jul 1959 to 20 July 1961 in Marville first with the repair section and then posted to 439 sqn. He also served UNEF1 at El Arish. Deceased 1975 while stationed at CFB Trenton

Marlatt S.D. "Staff", T/F/L, J16113, Pilot, 02 Jan 1945 - 22 July 1945. 2nd Tour. Posted to 431 Squadron. He had flown 70 sorties with our Squadron, about 80 on his first tour and has a total of 135:25 operational hours and a grand total of 751:35 flying hours

The following information is provided by The Air Force Association of Canada and Hugh A. Halliday who is the author of the RCAF Personnel - Honours & Awards - 1939-1949 which can be found on the Air Force Association of Canada Website. Used with permission and sincere gratitude.

Born in 1915, Oakville, Ontario; home there. Former clerk and member of the Royal Canadian Artillery. Enlisted in Toronto, 16 October 1940; commissioned 1942. Trained at No.2 ITS (graduated 23 December 1940), No.12 EFTS (graduated 21 February 1941), and No.1 SFTS (graduated 16 May 1941). Commissioned 1942. DHist file 181.009 D.1636 (RG.24 Vol.20604) has application for Operational Wings dated 9 February 1944 from J15113 F/O S.D. Marlett (NOTE: CHECK NUMBER AND SPELLING OF HIS NAME) claiming approximately 100 operational hours, night fighting and day offensive sweeps, with No.247  Squadron (Typhoons), 15 September 1941 to 30 October 1943. DFC award effective 10 July 1945 with the medal being presented 9 April 1948.

Matchett LAC Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963

Matthews Elmer, Sgt, Technician, Instrument  & Electrical, Sabres Circa 1963 - 

Matthews NJ WO2 9842 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Martin J.G., Johnny, F/O, J37648, Pilot, 01- Oct 1944 - 19 Nov 1944. Son of Charles H. and Florence B. Martin, of Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, Killed while on a mission to bomb a railroad in Wickrath, Germany. at the age of 23. Based at Melsbroek, Holland, F/O Martin had 32 missions completed at the time of his death.

Martin F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Nov 1953 -

Massey M.V. ,  F/L, C1377, Pilot, 

Massey H., Hart, F/L, Intelligence Officer

May F. P/O Pilot  Posted out of 123 Sqn at the end of November 1942 for the "Y" Depot (Halifax NS) , a holding unit for personnel posted overseas.

Mayberry F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Mar 1959 - from Chatham 

Mayer JGMT Cpl 25236 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Mazedkin N. "Nick" F/O  Believed to be the Food Services Officer for 439 circa May 1945

Melnick Mike MWO, RCAF / CAF 1966 - 2000 . A legend in his own mind and Airframe Technician of no particular note (never caused an aircraft crash, even when it managed to get airborne) . Held the post of Squadron Master Warrant Officer 1996 - 2000 in 439 Squadron, 3 Wing,  Bagotville, Que, Now retired Kingston, NS. Current Webmaster of the Unofficial Homepage of Tiger Squadron.

Menz F/L Sabre Pilot Circa 1953 -

Methot Jerry LAC, Technician, Airborne Radar & Telecommunications, Sabres Circa 1962 - 1963

Merkel G Cpl 23512 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Middleton A. ( Algernon ) a citizen of Argentina, he travelled to Canada at his own expense to join the RCAF. Posted as a P/O inNovember 1942 to 123 Sqn, the forerunner of 439. In February 1943 left for the "Y" Depot (Halifax NS) , a holding unit for personnel posted overseas.

Milne F/L Sabre Pilot Circa Jun 1957 -

Misselbrook F/O Posted in from Chatham, N.B. Sabre Pilot Circa Jan 1954 - 

Moen R.O. , Ronald Olaf , alias "Dickie" or sometimes "Mo", F/O, J/22034, Pilot, an original of 123 Squadron - 12 Aug 1944. Sparse details available, but he is believed to be a native of Saskatchewan. He is also beleived to have been married and had a son and daughter. There is a Memorial Tree dedicated to  his memory in Saskatoon.

Moffat D.J., "Doc", F/L, Medical Officer, posted from 3 PRC w.e.f. 12 Apr 1944 as 439's Squadron Medical Officer until the end of hostilities.

Moncreiff C.W. P/O Pilot  with 123 Squadron during 1942 or early 1943 . In March 1943 he was dispatched westward to Boundary Bay, British Columbia, where a new Army Co-operation Squadron (No. 163) was being formed.

Monson Alonzo Edgar "Cody" (J22010), S/L, Typhoon Pilot, 1941 -  08 Oct 1944, From Cody, Wyoming, USA, one of many Americans  who joined the RCAF and moved with 439 overseas. Born in 1918, Minncola, Kansas. Home in Rosco, California. Mechanic. Enlisted in Windsor, 19 November 1941; commissioned 1944 (?). Trained at No.6 ITS (graduated 8 May 1942), No.20 EFTS (graduated 14 August 1942), and No.14 SFTS (graduated 18 December 1942). Further trained at No.36 OTU and No.125 Squadron (September to November 1943). Granted the rank of Acting Squadron Leader and appointed Commanding Officer of 440 Squadron effective 08 Oct 1944. Awarded DFC effective 18 December 1944. UPDATE: Cody Monson passed away on October 12th, 2009 in Fayetteville Arkansas USA. As far as I know he was the last of 439 wartime Typhoon pilots and a good friend.

Moore F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Oct 1953 -

Morgan, F/L Robert Gordon (15175) -- Born in Saskatoon, 27 October 1930. Educated in Vancouver. Joined RCAF, December 1949. Awarded the George Medal for an act of great bravery 16 May 1957

Morrison F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Nov 1953 -

Morrison LAC Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963



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DFC information contained in this segment is provided by The Air Force Association of Canada and Hugh A. Halliday who is the author of the RCAF Personnel - Honours & Awards - 1939-1949 which can be found on the Air Force Association of Canada Website. Used with permission and sincere gratitude.



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