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Tasker RH LAC F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Taylor Bob, Public Relation Officer Circa 1944

Terry NA AC 49868 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Thomas F.M., Tommy, F/O, J20648, Pilot, with 123 Sqn since Nov 1942. Posted overseas and joined up with 439 from until his death. Son of Ronald F. and Olive A. Thomas, of Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Killed  at the age of 21 when his aircraft crashed following a mission on 08-Jul-1944 at Lantheuil, France.

Thompson Bill, Armament Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1963

Thompson PA WO2 21558 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Tidmall or Tidball F/O Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -

Tiessen Herb LAC Technician, Airborne Radar & Telecommunications, Sabres Circa 1962 - 1963

Tipple F/O Signals Officer  12 Jan 1944 - ????

Toth Sgt Louis (Lou) Toth, CD served with 439 Squadron both at Uplands and in the UK at North Luffenham, England circa 1951- 52. See Greenwood Military Aviation Museum for more info.

Tracy  F/O F/O . While stationed at North Luffenham, England, F/O Tracy was killed when his Canadian F-86 Mark II Sabre Serial Number 19137 crashed due to fuel exhaustion near Loughborough, England on the 16th of December, 1953.

Tremblay Jerry  F/O  Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -

Tremblay Paul, LAC Safety Systems Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1963

Turner F/O Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -

Turner RA Cpl 22995 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952


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