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 MONSON, S/L Alonzo Edgar (J22010) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.439 Squadron (now No.440 Squadron) - Award effective 18 December 1944 as per London Gazette dated 29 December 1944 and AFRO 435/45 dated 9 March 1945. Born in 1918, Minncola, Kansas. Home in Rosco, California. Mechanic. Enlisted in Windsor, 19 November 1941; commissioned 1944 (?). Trained at No.6 ITS (graduated 8 May 1942), No.20 EFTS (graduated 14 August 1942), and No.14 SFTS (graduated 18 December 1942). Further trained at No.36 OTU and No.125 Squadron (September to November 1943).


This officer is a fine flight commander who has always displayed an outstanding fighting spirit. On one occasion his flight under his leadership, acting in close support of the Army, effectively stopped a threatened German counter attack. On another, flying through intense anti-aircraft fire, his squadron led by him destroyed an important bridge on the river Orne. Under his command the squadron has been instrumental in destroying an ocean-going ship, trains and rolling stock, barges, transport, and fighting vehicles. He is an exceptionally able leader and has invariably pressed home his attacks despite any opposition.



The information contained in this segment is provided by The Air Force Association of Canada and Hugh A. Halliday who is the author of the RCAF Personnel - Honours & Awards - 1939-1949 which can be found on the Air Force Association of Canada Website. Used with permission and sincere gratitude.

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