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Sage K.F , Ken, A/F/L, C1191, Pilot, 30 Nov 1944 - 24 Dec 1944. Killed on his second mission of the day over enemy territory. He had completed  9 operational sorties, totalling 10:15 hours and all told has 949:20 flying hours at the time of his death.

Sainsbury Ernie CPL Technician, Airborne Radar , Sabres Circa 1963.

Sanders Cpl Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963

Saville  J. ,Johnny, F/L, J8146, Pilot, A graduate of  No. 11 S.F.T.S. at Yorkton with the rank of Sgt. He was subsequently promoted to Pilot Officer on the 17 Oct 1941 posted to the School of Army Co-operation which was reopened at Rockcliffe, Ontario on the 22 October 1941 and  which was the  fore-runner of 123 and later 439 Sqn.  Son of William Saville, and of Florence Ilma Saville, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. On 05-Jun-1944 (D-Day-1) at the age of 34,  F/L Saville was the Squadron's first member to be lost as a result of enemy action. Flying from Hurn airport - Dorset, his Typhoon was hit by flak and was unable to pull out from his dive on his second bombing run over German radar installations at St-Peter's Port on the Island of Guernsey.

Saucier Pierre Pilot CH146 Griffon Commanding Officer 1997 - 16 Jun 2005.

Saunders A.W., (Sandy) Adam, F/O, J37015, Pilot, 09 Dec 1944 - 16 July 1945. Native of Montreal, Quebec. He accumulated 78 sorties totalling 85:20 operational hours with 439 and he had a grand total of 628:30 flying hours. F/O Saunders is considered as tour expired.

Saunders W.L. ,  F/L, J22803, Pilot, 2 Oct 1944 - 03 Dec 1944. Son of Laun A. and Minnie B. Saunders, of Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada, Killed on an armed recce into Germany at age 22, while based at Melsbroek, Holland.

Savage AR AC 48243 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Scharff  W.K. , Flying Officer  J7814, A graduate of  No. 1 S.F.T.S. (Service Flight Training School) at Camp Borden. As a Pilot Officer he served with the School of Army Co-operation which was reopened at Rockcliffe, Ontario on the 22 October 1941 and  which was the  fore-runner of 123 and later 439 Sqn.  In March 1943 he was dispatched westward to Boundary Bay, British Columbia, where a new Army Co-operation Squadron (No. 163) was being formed.  In October 1943 he was reposted back tp 123 Squadron  prior to its embarking for overseas duty. Son of Charles Ridley Scharff and Grace Scharff, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Killed at the age of 25, while based at Lantheuil, France 19 Aug 1944.

Schaan F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Sep 1959 -

Scott  J.M. Ground crew first mentioned  as a Sgt belonging to the newly designated 123 Squadron circa 24 Feb 1943.

Scott Bill LAC, Technician, Instrument  & Electrical, Sabres Circa 1963 - 

Seitz EA "Al" F/O 30158  F-86 Sabre Pilot Circa 1953. On July 8, 1952 he safely ejected from Canadian Sabre 19112 following an engine failure at 30,000 feet. Much later in his career, he also safely ejected from a CF- 104 on Friday the 13th, 1965.  Deceased 15 June 1992. See Flt. Lt. E. A. "Al" Seitz for further details

Sharpe G.N.  F/O, pilot with 123 Squadron circa May 1943. Posted overseas.

Shaver L.C. , Lyell, A/F/L, J17158, Pilot, 17 Nov 1944-  02 Mar 1945. Son of Clarence and Bessie Shaver; husband of Catherine Purcell Shaver, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Killed at age 26, while on a mission into Germany. He had completed 136 missions on his first tour, and 66 on his second for a total of 202 sorties. With 80:15 hours on his second tour he had a  total of 202 sorties, 171:55 operational hours and a grand total of 839:10 flying hours.

Shrewsbury Steven ABDR Team 1986 to1990

Shuttleworth , LAC

Sills MW F/O 40249 F-86 Sabre Pilot Circa 1953 - 25 Sep 1953 posted to the new Ferry Flight to be formed in Canada.

Simard Claude, Major, CD, Pilot and Chief Instructor  CH-118 Iroquois Helicopter. Circa 1992 - 1995. Born in Chicoutimi 13 March 1953. Prior to joining the Canadian Armed Forces , he served with the Air Cadet Movement and local militias as an office. First posting was to 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron. From there selected as an exchange pilot with France's 3rd Combat Helicopter Regiment. On his return to Canada, posted to NDHQ as a project officer on the light helicopter replacement program . Three years later he was posted to 403 Squadron, Gagetown, NB, as an instructor pilot . Next posting was to Bagotville's Base Flight as a  SAR pilot. Following that posted to 10 TAG (Tatical Air Group) as a staff officer. Re-posted to Bagotville  as a rescue pilot  in Base Flight.  Promoted to Major in 1990. In 1992, 439 stood down in Europe and was reactivated in Canada with the amalgamation of Bagotville's  Base Flight and Major Simard as its new Commanding Officer.

Simpson RDG Cpl 123755 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Singerman M., Cpl, Clerk

Sladen Dave LAC, Technician, Instrument  & Electrical, Sabres Circa 1963 - 

Slater F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Sep 1959 - posted in from Chatham, N.B. 

Small F/L Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -

Smiley DAB F/O 99159 F-86 Sabre Pilot Circa 1952

Smith D.M. Flight Lieutenant became CO of  the revived School of Army Co-Operation (a fore-runner of 123 and 439 Squadron) at Rockcliffe Ontario.

Smith I.W., F/L, Ivan Winston J22244, Pilot, Finished his tour with 439 and posted out 08 Dec 1944. Killed 9 April 1945 in Millfield at age 32, England. Son of John Alfred and Anna Lea Smith; husband of Catherine Ferguson Smith, of Canmore, Alberta.

Smith J.H, S/L, Pilot, Former CO of 439 Sqn. 

Smith R.V., Smitty, F/O, J27992, Typhoon Pilot posted from 83 GSU  to 439 effective 20 July 1944 . Posted out to DP2 Air  Ministry 04 Dec 1944.

Smith H.M. P/O Pilot  with 123 Squadron during 1942 or early 1943 . In March 1943 he was dispatched westward to Boundary Bay, British Columbia, where a new Army Co-operation Squadron (No. 163) was being formed.

Spence H.A. F/O Pilot  with 123 Squadron during 1942 or early 1943 . In March 1943 he was dispatched westward to Boundary Bay, British Columbia, where a new Army Co-operation Squadron (No. 163) was being formed.

St. Cyr LAC Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963

St. Louis PB W/C , CO 439 Jan 1963

St. Louis Cpl Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963

St. Pierre "Saint" Cpl, Armament Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1961-1963

Stelter J., F/O, J21925, Pilot, Tour expired.

Stewart D.J., F/O, J35886, Pilot, 15 July 1945 -  ????

Stewart D.W. Major  was head of the Army Staff section attached to No. 123. "Dunc" had been with the Squadron since February 1942 and had been a great asset to it.

Stuart F/O Sabre Pilot Circa  Sep 1959 -

Smiley F/O Sabre Pilot Circa 1953 - Sep 1953 F/O Smiley received a posting to 4 (F) Wing as Assistant Adjutant.

Smith F/L Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -

Stitt J.H, Johnny, F/O, J17529 / J27129, Typhoon Pilot, 23 May 1944 - 05 Dec 1944. Tour Expired.  2nd Operational Tour.

Stott Hubert V. Sgt, R83248 "Herb"  Position Electrical both Air and Ground Posted in 1942 to Toronto then to Shearwater NS Served in Dartmouth then Annette Island Alaska Then in England and in 2nd TAF  438 Squadron and then in Headquarters of 143 Wing all the way to Flensburg Germany. After discharge in 1945, he became a 1st Lt in charge of the Rifle Range at W.D. Lowe Vocational School  Army Service number  TA32696 From April 1  1946 to 1956  Served at that school for 8 years and 9 months . Went to Cleveland Ohio for a short year and 6 months before coming back to Hamilton Ontario.  

Swain GD AC 41186 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Sweeney J.D., Jack, A/F/L, J35843, Typhoon Pilot, 01 Nov 1944-  ????. One of many American who joined the RCAF, F/L Sweeny hails from Sturgis, Michigan, USA. Shot down the 20th January, 1945, captured as a POW. All told he has to his credit 38 operational sorties, 50:40 operational hours and 510:45 flying hours. This exceedingly popular and capable pilot has just been recommended to take over "B" Flight and promotion to acting Flight lieutenant. Following his internment as a POW, he was posted to 3 PRC circa 28 May 1945.

Swingler B.P. , Babe, F/L, J21837, Pilot with 123 Sqn since Oct 1943 and 439 Sqn. Posted out 30 Nov 1944 after first tour of operations. Started 2nd Tour with 439 Sqn. 20 Feb 1945. Son of Charles W. and Eva G. Swingler, of Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada. He was based in Holland and was killed at age 22, during an armed recce following a bombing run on a rail line on 22-Feb-1945. According to info on hand, this was only his second mission on his second day with the Squadron.


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