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Calvert R.C. F/O Pilot  with 123 Squadron during 1942 or early 1943 . In March 1943 he was dispatched westward to Boundary Bay, British Columbia, where a new Army Co-operation Squadron (No. 163) was being formed.

Campbell F/O Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -

Cannon S/L Sabre Pilot CO 439 June 1957 - 1 June 1959 posted to Wing Ops

Cappleman H.R. (Herbert Reginald), Reg, Cpl promoted to Sgt 21 May 1944, Aero-Engine Mechanic, with 439 since ????  to  08 Aug 1945

Carigan  JCG LAC 28730 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Carpenter GW LAC 41060 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Carr  John, "Johnny", F/L, J37846, DFC, Born 1923 in Winchester, Ontario; home in Morrisburg, Ontario. Served in Royal Canadian Artillery; enlisted in RCAF, Ottawa, 24 August 1942; trained at No.6 ITS (graduated 14 April 1943), No.12 EFTS (graduated 11 June 1943) and No.2 SFTS (graduated 29 October 1943). Commissioned 1943.Typhoon Pilot with 439 Sqn 06 Sep 1944 - 25 Feb 1945. Reposted to the "A" Flight Commander's post and promoted to Acting Flight Lieutenant 27 November 1944. Tour expired after 96 sorties, 111:25 operational hours, and a total of 512:40 flying hours. DFC  effective 29 March 1945. Presented with award 7 August 1947.

Carroll CL Sgt 21973 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Carswell Cpl Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963

Carter F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Jun 1957 -

Castle F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Mar 1954 -

Castledine Brian L. F/L Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 - 1961 with 439 Squadron. Also flew CF-104 Starfighters from 1965 - 1967 in Marville, France.

Cervantes Ken Sgt, Technician, Airborne Radar & Telecommunications, Sabres Circa 1962 - 1963, a native of British Honduras.

Chamberland JY LAC 29839 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Champion Dave, LAC Safety Systems Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1963

Chapman F/L Sabre Pilot Circa Mar 1957 -

Chase Sgt. Howard Winfield, 123 Squadron, Air Gunner, Both he and his pilot, P/O R.B. Aitken,  died on 5 April 1941 when their Lysander tail number 432 crashed at Cardinal, Ontario.

Chartrand John 1CAG and 1AMS from 81-85. Served briefly with 439 in '81.

Cheesman KA F/O 15132 F-86 Sabre Pilot Circa 1953 - 25 Sep 1953 posted to the new Ferry Flight to be formed in Canada.

Chester Tom 

Chivers-Wilson AA F/O 30620 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Church S.A., Stan, WO I, R87186 , Pilot, 31 Oct 1944 -  ????, Shot down by E/A  the 29 Dec 1944. Listed as missing, and eventually rescued, but not without receiving burns and a damaged hand. Unfortunately the Squadron had no further particulars from him. W.O. Church was promoted to Pilot Officer according to RCAF Green Sheets effective 2nd December, 1944.

Church Sgt Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963

Clare Victor, aircraft mechanic with 439 Sqn. 1959 to 1964. Then back again to Lahr 1967 to 1970

Clarke T.W.  Flight Sergeant Lysander Air-Gunner circa 31 Aug 1942.

Clarke A.C., Andy, F/O, J22005, Pilot with 123 Sqn since Oct 1943 and 439 Sqn until 19 Apr 1944, On the 4th of April 1944, as F/O A.C. Clarke came in to land on the wire runway he appeared to hit the slipstream of the aircraft in front. This, coupled with a very strong wind, caused the Typhoon to stall, hit the end of the runaway and cartwheel on its back.  Andy received serious injuries to his neck which caused partial paralysis from the waist down. He was immediately taken to the Royal West Sussex Hospital at Chichester. He's in very bad shape, and it is believed that his neck is broken. He was posted from 439 to to 143 Wing as a result of the accident.

Cleghorn D.G, Don, T/F/L, J23864, Pilot, 05 Dec 1944 - ????, Native of York Co., N.B. Declared missing 03 Apr 1945.  His operational record to date is 59 sorties, 63:45 operational hours and a total of 650:20 flying hours

Coffey R.E, Robert Ellsworth, J10256, F/L, DFC with Bar, Posted to temporarily to 439 on the 24 Jan 1945 after completing his first tour of operations with 438 Squadron. Re-posted to 438 Squadron on the 26 Jan 1945, and subsequently to 440 Squadron as CO. Distinguished Flying Cross - No.438 Squadron - Award effective 13 January 1945 as per London Gazette dated 23 January 1945 and AFRO 471/45 dated 16 March 1945. Born 1915 in Greenview, Illinois; home there; spent six years in U.S. Army, two years in USAF; civil engineer. Enlisted in RCAF at Windsor, Ontario, 26 June 1941. Commissioned in February 1942. Trained at No.3 ITS (graduated 13 September 1941), No.17 EFTS (graduated 7 November 1941), and No.8 SFTS (graduated 27 or 29 March 1942). Instructed at No.1 SFTS, Camp Borden and then further trained at No.1 OTU, Bagotville. Overseas in November 1943, flying with No.438 Squadron, 18 December 1943 to 15 March 1945 until given command of No.440 Squadron. Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross - No.440 Squadron - Award effective 3 September 1945 as per London Gazette dated 14 September 1944 and AFRO 1672/45 dated 2 November 1945.  Fatally injured in an automobile accident, 1 August 1945; buried in Graasthen, Denmark at the age 30.

Coles Don F/O Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -

Conti  Raymond "Digger"   F/O. Tragedy struck 439 on 1 July when F/O Raymond "Digger" Conti reported a low fuel condition, and that he was preparing to abandon his aircraft. No trace was ever found of the pilot or plane, and F/O Conti thus became the Squadron's first casualty since World War

Cook J.H., F/L, J9454, Pilot, 21 Mar 1945 - 30 June 1945, Previous tours with  607 & 60 Squadrons in India. Posted out to 402 Sqn.

Cook JJ WO2 2290  F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Cook Ron LAC Armament Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1962 - 1963

Cormier Todd , June 1992 until the final close out of 439 Sqn in April of 1993.

Cote J.A, Joe, F/L, J14529, Pilot, 14 Sep 1944 - ????. Shot down 20 Jan 1945, Currently Honorary Colonel of 430 ETAH Sqn in Valcartier, Qc.

Cote JP LAC 28893 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Couture JMH Gilles MWO 1989 -1991. Promoted to CWO and posted to Ottawa as a 513 AVN Career manager. Passed away suddenly in 1997 in Ottawa.

Couture Luc Baden 85-89 1CAG - 409,439,421 Sqn's & NDT. Now lives in Kelowna, BC and works  for Kelowna Flightcraft NDT Dept

Covey Roy, LAC Armament Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1959 - 1963, a native of Nova Scotia Canada

Craig  F/L Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -

Crawford "Scotty" LAC, Armament Technician F-86 Sabre Circa 1963

Crosby Robert Gordon, "Bing", S/L, C22655, Born 11 March 1916 in Vancouver.  A geologist; enlisted in Vancouver, 12 September 1940, and commissioned in December 1942. Mention in Despatches - No.438 Squadron - Award effective 1 January 1945 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 379/45 dated 2 March 1945.  Public Records Office Air 2/9229 has recommendation dated 19 July 1944 submitted by S/L A.R. Hall, Commanding Officer of No.56 Squadron. Named to command 439 Squadron from 20 Nov 1944 - 24 Jan 1945 (1) whereupon he became tour expired  He had carried out 63 operation sorties since joining 143 Wing totaling 71:30 hours as well as 21 sorties totaling 20 hours on his first tour with 56 Squadron, and has 1604:20 flying hours to his credit. DFC effective 23 March 1945. Award sent by registered mail 24 February 1950.

Webmaster's Notes: (1) According to 439'a ORB, he was posted from 438 Squadron 27 Nov. 1944 to 439 filling the "B" Flight Commander's post.

Crowther Robert R "Bob" F/O Posted in from Chatham, N.B. Sabre Pilot Circa Jan 1954 - Oct 56

Crinklaw , LAC, 439 Echelon

Currie WR LAC 46025 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952


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DFC information contained in this segment is provided by The Air Force Association of Canada and Hugh A. Halliday who is the author of the RCAF Personnel - Honours & Awards - 1939-1949 which can be found on the Air Force Association of Canada Website. Used with permission and sincere gratitude.



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