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Abbott  Marty, CF104 Pilot in Europe from summer of 1975 to fall of 1978. In 1000 hrs of flying he  had one ejection due to engine failure which occurred on his first flight. After leaving the air force he became a mergers and acquisitions lawyer with a large national law firm, and eventually became the founder of a number of oil gas companies. He now owns a homebuilt Legend with a Czech PT6 knockoff engine that has better numbers than any WWII fighter.  Although it doesn't sport a Tiger Livery, both cockpit  seats have 439 Sqn crests emblazoned on the seats. 

Aayames LAC Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963

Ackland Kingsley "Ack" Ground crew member of 439 Servicing Echelon working on Typhoon 1B's circa 1944-1945.

Ainsley F/L Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -

Albert LAC Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963

Alefounder WJ Sgt 21395 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Allen  E.J.  Ernie, F/O, J20587, Typhoon Pilot  with 123 Sqn  since Nov 1942 and 439 until  12 Aug 1944. Son of Ernest and Mary Anne Allen; husband of Zella Marguerite Allen, of St. James, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Died at the age of 23 on 12-Aug-1944 while based at Lantheuil, France..

Anderson W.  Andy , Bill , F/O, J36997, Pilot 12 Nov 1944 - 24 Mar 1945. Son of Simon Christian and Gonda Anderson. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Killed  at the age of  25 on 24-Mar-1945 while based in Holland. He had been on his second tour with 65 missions having flown 75:25 operational hours and a grand total of 501:00 flying hours.

Andrews TG Sgt 23235 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Angelini S. Sam, F/O, J37114, Pilot, 17 Nov 1944 - 01 Jan1945. Killed at the age of 22. Completed 14 operational sorties by this time. Native Hamilton, Ontario

Argue Paul

Armstrong, Ron (Army) F-86 pilot

Armstrong George LAC,  Technician, Instrument  & Electrical, Sabres Circa 1963 - 

Arseneau, Aurelle  held the position of Squadron Adjutant and  INTO from July 1988 to Oct 1990

Ashford, H.E.D.,  Padre. RCAF Chaplain Services, ???? - 15 Oct 1944. Today (15 Oct 1944) Padre Ashford is giving his final Service here as he will be posted shortly after to Canada. His exuberant and demonstrative Services will be missed by the personnel of 143 Wing. He set up a good Record here, dutifully visiting all sections almost every day if possible, never too busy to listen to our grief's. A very fine Padre indeed will soon be posted from our midst.

Aitken P/O R.B. 123 Squadron. On 5 April 1941 Lysander 432 crashed at Cardinal, Ontario, causing both his the death and that of his air gunner Sgt (Sergeant) Howard Winfield Chase.


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