Book of Remembrance - Volume  I


Flying Officer Ronald Olaf Moen

Royal Canadian Air Force

Died on 12-Aug-1944 while based at Lantheuil, France.

The following entry is from 439's War Operations Record Book (Form 540):  Good weather all day which paved the way for another three operations. The tough day cost our Squadron two pilots, J/22034 F/O Dickie Moen and J/20587 F/O Ernie Allen. This was a very sad blow to us, as Dickie was the Squadron Comedian and artist and an accomplice to F/O Jake Ross in many a lively prank in the Squadron......

The following entry is from 439's War Operations Book (Form 541): At almost the same instant, at 5000 feet over the same area between the same bridge (Le Pont des Vers) and the town of Athis, the aircraft flown by F/O R.O. Moen was struck in the radiator by light flak. Moe pulled away from his flight and headed about due northeast losing height rapidly as he went. F/O Brown J. who was flying as his number two, followed him down. Moen jettisoned his hood at 1000 feet and crashed landed near St. Pierre de Vicille (T816396). The aircraft exploded and burned on contact with the ground. No hope is held for "Dickie" Moen. 

Following entry is from The Canadian Virtual War Memorial website  courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

J/22034 F/O Dickie Moen is buried at RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL, United Kingdom.



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