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LaBarre Yves, Cpl, Intelligence Operator (Mission Planning), Nov 76 to Jun 77

Laberge, Gilbert, Supply Tech Circa 1951 .... and a valued contributor to this website.

LaBreche Mcpl

Lambert Charles Alfred, "Chuck" to his friends, F/L, J7827, Typhoon Pilot, 19 Oct 1944 - 15 Dec 1944. Reported missing 15 Dec 1944 and confirmed killed 6 Apr 1945.

Landreville F/O Sabre Pilot Circa Jun 1957 -

Larocque Michel M/S Chief Clerk 439 1999-2005

Larouche JRJB F/O 30342 F-86 Sabre Pilot Circa 1952

Laurence Robert Howard ,DFC "Bob", F/O, J20602, Typhoon Pilot, posted  in from 83 GSU  to 439 on 20 Jul 1944  remaing with the squadron until  29 Jan 1945. Born 20 July 1921, Fort St. John, British Columbia; home in Edson, Alberta; enlisted in Edmonton, 29 September 1941; trained at No.7 ITS (graduated 24 February 1942), No.19 EFTS (graduated 3 July 1942) and No.4 SFTS (graduated and commissioned on 6 November 1942). Posted into No.123 Squadron 20 November 1942; and then to No.163 Squadron, 16 March 1943. Sent to "Y" Depot, Halifax, 13 January 1944; arrived at No.3 Personnel Reception Bournemouth, 21 January 1944. Posted to 439 20 Jul 44 following the deaths of F/Os Thomas and Kalen who had been killed on operations. Tour expired with 439 on the 29 Jan 1945. Became an instructor at Aston Down. Repatriated at uncertain date; released 28 September 1945. DFC awarded effective 23 February 1945. His other achievements on Ops with 439 Sqn are: 

  • bombs - 64,000 lbs. dropped,

  • enemy aircraft - 4 destroyed, 

  • MET - 12 flamers, 22 damaged,

  • locomotives - 10 destroyed, 

  • barges - 6 damaged,

  • ships - 1 damaged,

  • balloons - 2 destroyed,

  • horse-drawn vehicles - 8 damaged.

Lawrence T.A. , Squadron Leader  and  in command of the School of Army Co-Operation, Located at Trenton, Ontario the school was a forerunner of 123 & 439 Sqn. Lawrence was on command from March 1936  until 1 July 1938, except for the short period 27 November 1936 to 6 February 1937 when S/L G.V. Walsh was in charge. In July 1938 S/L Lawrence was transferred to Ottawa, Ontario, to take command of No. 2 (AC) Squadron, and S/L W.D. Van Vliet then because O.C. (Officer Commanding) of the School.

Lawson Tom. Upon closure of 421 “Red Indian” Squadron in 1992 posted to  439 Squadron as the Squadron Weapons and Tactics Officer. Posted out to Cold Lake in 1993.

Lavoie JYA 18167 F-86 Sabre Circa 1952

Laycock M.P. , Maurice, F/O, J22035, Pilot, ???? - 28 Oct 1944. Son of G. P. and S. Esma Laycock, of Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, Canada. He was 439's first pilot to land in France (22 June 44). Killed  at the age of 21 while based at Melsbroek, Holland during  a bombing mission to destroy a heavily defended rail line. He had been on his second tour with 77 operational sorties.

Learmond Ray  (Mechanical ’63) from Pointe-Claire, Quebec. CF-104 pilot with 439 circa 1965 while at Marville, France.

LeCompte J.H. F/S  (in charge of) the Photo Section, 123 Squadron circa 1943.

Lecuyer LAC Airframe Technician, Sabres Circa 1963

Lee  , WO I, Armourer, and apparently not a bad baseball pitcher.

LeGear Victor Henry John, "Vic", F/L, J23040, Pilot, 30 Nov 1944 - ????. Tour Expired. DFC effective 6 July 1945. Home in Barrie, Ontario; enlisted in Toronto, 18 October 1940. Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 20 February 1941), No.10 EFTS (graduated 22 April 1941) and No.9 SFTS (graduated 15 July 1941). 

Leigh C.C., Buzz, F/O, J22279, Pilot with 123 Sqn circa May 1943 and 439 Sqn until 7 Apr 1944. Posted to Redhill.

Lemoine Ronald 439 Sqn in Baden, Germany from Oct 1989 until July 1990.

Leuty T. Kirk, Captain. T47555387 While stationed at Baden, Germany, Captain  Kirk Leuty was killed on the 17 April 1990, following a mid-air collision with another Canadian CF-18 Hornet over Karlsruhe, Gemany.

Lewis         P/O Pilot  posted from 123 Sqn at the end of November 1942 to "Y" Depot (Halifax NS) , a holding unit for personnel posted overseas.

Lewis F/L Sabre Pilot Circa 1958 -  As Flight Commander , took over the Squadron from 19 July until 19 October 1959 following the untimely death of the CO S/L CJ Day, DFC and the arrival of W/C McKay.

Lipp M., Mike, LAC, Typhoon 439 Maintenance Echelon, circa July 1944.

Little , Jack, F/L, Squadron Accountant Officer.

 Luettger F.P., F/O Sabre Pilot Circa 1957



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