Book of Remembrance - Volume  I


Flying Officer Samuel Angelini

Royal Canadian Air Force

died on 01-Jan-1945. He was based in Holland and was killed when, upon returning from an armed recce, when his flight encountered 15 German aircraft. F/O Sam Angelini had completed 14 operational sorties by this time.

The following entry is from 439's War Operations Record Book (Form 540): One was lost on the morning recce when F/O Angelini went missing after a dogfight with the Jerries. This pilot has done 14 sorties totaling 16:50 operational hours and giving him a total of 457:00 flying hours. This was his first operation since the 5th of December and during most of the interval he was in England waiting for the weather to clear up so that he could ferry a Typhie back. 

The following entry is from 439's War Operations Record Book (Form 541):...At this point, FW-190's were reported heading east from Eindhoven, the section of four Typhoons immediately endeavered to intercept them, which they did just east of Helmond, Holland. There were approximately 15 FW-190's engaged by the four 439 Sqn Typhoons and one or two friendly Spitfires. The dog-fight lasting four or five minutes resulted in F/O Laurence and F/O Fraser each destroying two aircraft. When the action broke off the aircraft returned to base to find it unserviceable due to enemy action and had to go to Vokel where they landed and were refueled. However, Yellow 4 (F/O Angelini) is missing and was last heard of in the circuit telling Pitchdark he had 10 gallons of fuel left. It was assumed that he was attacked by unknown enemy aircraft and was not able to outrun or outmaneuver them. He was subsequently  found still in his burned out bullet ridden cockpit near Rips, Holland.

Webmasters Note: 09 Dec 99

Since posting this entry, I had the distinct pleasure of hearing from the nephew of F/O Angelini,  who graciously provided me with the following information and picture which was missing from 439 Squadron archives:

Born: Hamilton, Ontario Canada May 12, 1922

Enlisted: Hamilton, Ontario August 15, 1942

Awarded Pilot's Flying Badge: October 15, 1943

Commissioned (Pilot Officer):    October 15, 1943

Appointed Flying Officer:  April 15, 1944 

Embarked For Overseas:   May 25, 1944

Taken on Strength, 439 Squadron:    November 17, 1944

Father: Alexander Angelini

Mother: Carmela Angelini (nee Seno)

Wife:  Gertrude  

Daughter:    Mary Elizabeth 

Brothers & Sisters: 5 Brothers (Larry, Lou, John, Jim, Joseph), 3 Sisters (Phyllis, Caroline, Vera)

What is especially poignant in this particular posting is the fact that, at the time of his death, at the age of 22, F/O Angelini was an expectant father-to-be- and would never meet his daughter Mary, nor she ever know him.

Following entry is from The Canadian Virtual War Memorial website courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Grave Reference: XV. D. 7.
Location: Groesbeek is located 10 km south east of the town of Nijmegen and close to the German frontier. GROESBEEK CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY is 3 km north of the village and 1500 metres east of the main road to Nijmegen.
On leaving the A73 motorway at the junction Overasselt Mook Groesbeek follow directions to Mook. Follow direction signs towards Mook War cemetery. After passing Mook War cemetery continue to the village of Groesbeek to a set of traffic lights. Turn left at the lights onto Dorpstraat passing through Groesbeek. The road name then changes to Molenweg. A Commission direction sign indicates the right hand turning from Molenweg onto the Zeven Heuvelenweg. 1 km after entering this road lies the GROESBEEK CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY on the right hand side of the road.



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