Prelude - Operation Leapfrog

The Sabre Era

439 Squadron was reformed  at Uplands, Ontario, on 1 September 1951, under the command of Squadron Leader Cal  Bricker, DFC. During the war war Bricker had served a long tour with No. 430 )Fighter-Recce) Squadron as a pilot, flight commander, and commanding officer; winning his DFC for the excellent results he achieved on many photographic and tactical reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines. After returning to Canada, in 1946, he converted to jets and became the first RCAF pilot to make a jet flight across the Atlantic, while an exchange pilot with a USAF squadron.

Photo source: 439 Sqn Archives


439's finest stand ready for inspection at RCAF Station Uplands (Ottawa) by then Minister of National Defense, Brook Claxton. Photo source: Gilbert Laberge

The reformation of a squadron in a new role with new aircraft is no easy tasks. Although stood up since 1 September, continual upgrades to the new aircraft kept the pilots from doing any serious flying. To while away the time, the pilots were hi-jacked into doing various organizational, cleaning and renovation duties. Also the time had come for the Squadron to up with a suitable symbol and motto for the new 439.


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Prelude - Operation Leapfrog

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