Prelude - Operation Leapfrog

The Sabre Era

On the 5 November after reviewing all entries in a Squadron crest competition, No. 439 Sabre Tooth Tiger Squadron  was chosen with the motto Fangs of Death.  A tentative crest was drawn up and submitted to AFHQ. and the Chester Herald for approval.

Photo source: 439 Sqn Archives

 This is the first contingent of pilots to stand-up in the newly reformed 439 Sabre-Tooth Tiger Squadron. Where are you in this photo ?  

 Back row (L-R) Rocky Laroche, Ray Conti, Ray Bedard, Frank Fowler, Frank Raymond, Herb Ruecker (hidden), George Fitzgerald.

Middle row (L-R) Sherm Hannah, Harry Wenz, Cal Bricker,Bill Bliss, Dick Wingate, Charles Wilkinson.

Front row (L-R) Al Seitz, Ken Cheesman, Ken Jennett, Curly Reischman, Alf Everard, Tom Wheeler, Len Pappas, Tom Wilson.

Names Courtesy Ren L'Ecuyer


Photo source: 439 Sqn Archives Courtesy DND PL 54293.

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Prelude - Operation Leapfrog

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