Book of Remembrance Vol II


The information compiled here comes from the 439 Squadron Daily Mission Reports and supplements from the 439 Squadron Diary. Although highly accurate, it is by no means complete as there are no journal entries between 11 April 1953 to 28 September 1958. Should you have any additional info, please notify the webmaster.

The listing is in alphabetical order. However if you scroll down the page, you will find the names in chronological order of death. Some of the entries may seem sketchy and somewhat dry, but that is the nature of such records, you won't find any literary prose here, just the facts. The purpose of all this is not to glorify military might but to underline the supreme and unselfish sacrifice made by members of 439 in the defense of Canada and world peace. 

At a time when the threat of nuclear annihilation was just a push button away, these young pilots willingly chose to serve their nation far from home, while the rest of us went on to build a better life unknowing and for the most part uncaring that a few brave souls stood between us and the Iron Curtain that was too engulf Eastern Europe. 

May they rest in peace under friendlier skies.
To the family, loved ones and friends of those listed herein, we dedicate this page. 


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