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Historical Summary

Chapter I         Army Co-Operation Training in Canada - No. 123 Squadron - January 1942 - November 1943

Chapter II        Army Support Training in Britain - No. 439 Squadron   January - March 1944

Chapter III      First Operations   27 March - 5 June 1944

Chapter IV      The battle of Normandy   June - August 1944

Chapter V       Recces, Rails and Flak   September - October 1944

Chapter VI      Winter in the Netherlands   November 1944 - January 1945

Chapter VII    The Advance to the Rhine    February - March 1945

Chapter VIII   On to the Elbe   March - May 1945      This selection is currently unavailable.

Chapter IX      End of the Tour   May - 1945      This selection is currently unavailable.


No. 123 Squadron This selection is currently unavailable.

No. 439 Squadron This selection is currently unavailable.


Photo depiction is lapel or hat pin with the unofficial crest of 439 Squadron. It depicts a Typhoon with sweptback wings and the inscription Reconnaissez Icarus (Recognize Icarus). Photo courtesy of George & Richard Mandia © 2005. Used with permission.



1.   The Historical Summary is a brief condensation of the story given in greater detail in Chapter I to Chapter IX. It is taken almost verbatim from an article written by Flight Lieutenant D.G. Jacques, entitled A Tale of the Tigers published in the 30th October 1962 edition of the Arrowhead Tribune, a bi-monthly publication of No. 1 Wing, Marville, France under the authority of Group Captain A.F. Avant, DSO, DFC, CD, Commanding Officer of No. 1 Wing. 

2.   Ranks and decorations mentioned in the text and captions are those held at the time of reference.

3. Although the photographic section at AFHQ (now the CF Photographic Unit) has many pictures covering the activities of 439 Squadron overseas, no negatives can be found for No. 123 Squadron in Canada.

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Major Renauld Bellemare, CD; 

Major Pierre Saucier, CD;  

Major Michel Pilon, CD; and

Major Jöel Roy, CD current CO of 439 Squadron.

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