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The Distinguished Flying Cross 



FISET, F/L (now S/L) Kenneth James (J9078) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.439 Squadron - Award effective 24 October 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 2637/44 dated 8 December 1944. Born in 1915 in Montreal; home in Outremont. Enlisted in Montreal, 11 February 1941. Trained at No.3 ITS (graduated 3 July 1941), No.21 EFTS (graduated 23 August 1941) and No.9 SFTS (graduated 21 November 1941).


Photo source: 439 Archives

Flight Lieutenant Fiset has completed many sorties, involving attacks on a wide range of targets. In July, 1944, he led the squadron in a successful attack on a concentration of enemy forces massing for a counter attack in a wood near Tilly. The operation was executed during the most adverse weather in the face of intense anti-aircraft fire. A few days later Flight Lieutenant Fiset again led his squadron in a similar type of sortie with great success. Flight Lieutenant Fiset has displayed outstanding powers of leadership, courage, and skill.



The information contained in this segment is provided by The Air Force Association of Canada and Hugh A. Halliday who is the author of the RCAF Personnel - Honours & Awards - 1939-1949 which can be found on the Air Force Association of Canada Website. Used with permission and sincere gratitude.

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