439 Squadron Kit Shop

Prices as of 25 April 2005

Note: 439's Kits Shop items is provided as a service to my web page visitors. The 439 Kits Shop is not in the retail business and therefore cannot handle bulk orders. Since we are at the mercy of our suppliers, prices are subject to change without prior notice.

I am providing this page to the 439 Squadron Kit Shop as a free service and I am in no way liable in case of dispute or contention between you and 439 Squadron and / or its Kit Shop. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Now onto the 439 Squadron Kit Shop

Item # 1

Cloth Name Tag

$ 7.00 Cdn

Item # 2

Cloth Name Tag

$ 7.00 Cdn

Be sure to print the name desired in block letters

Do to the long turnaround time, the option of having names printed on the nametags has been dicontinued. We regret any inconvience this may cause.


Item # 3

Heraldic Shoulder patch

$ 8.50 Cdn





Intentionally left blank

Item # 4

Shoulder Patch

$ 6.00 Cdn


Item # 5

Shoulder Patch

$ 7.00 Cdn


Item # 6


$ 5.00 Cdn


Item # 7

439 Combat Support Squadron Solid Pewter Souvenir Token

$ 10.00 Cdn

Item # 8


(auto-adhesive decal)

$ 0.50 Cdn

 Item # 9

Base Ball Cap (Black)

$ 15.00 Cdn

Item  # 10


Coffee Mug 

$ 10.00 Cdn

80 mugs in stock




Item # 11

Short sleeve T-Shirt

Sizes - adult S-M-L

$ 17.00 Cdn

 Item # 12

(Not shown)

Long sleeve T-Shirt with a a Tiger's head on a rolled Collar

Sizes - adult S-M-L

$ 24.00 Cdn


Item # 13

Baden Community Services Patch

A discontinued item from 439's past

(Limited Supply)

$ 6.00 Cdn

only 50 left in stock

How to Order

  • Include item number, description, price, and quantity of each item desired.
  • Include your name and full postal address including applicable zip / postal codes

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Foreign orders payable with international money orders in Canadian Funds. (No checks - or CODs please)
  • Foreign orders add $10.00 for Shipping & Handling and Insurance
  • Canadian orders - add $ 2.50 Shipping & Handling if the order can fit in a legal size letter envelope. Anything larger add $5.00 Shipping & Handling. (No checks - or CODs please)
  • GST applicable on all Canadian orders.
  • Delivery is subject to current availability. Please allow a minimum of 2-4 weeks delivery (we're a team of one) depending upon availability. Special orders may take longer.

Send requests to

439 Kit Shop

439 Combat Support Squadron

3 Wing, CFB Bagotville,

PO Box 5000, Main Station

Alouette, Qc , Canada

G0V 1A0

Inquiries only

Fax 418-677-8522


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