Book of Remembrance Vol I


The information compiled here comes from three main sources. The 439 Squadron Wartime Daily Mission Reports, the 439 War Diary, and The Canadian Virtual War Memorial website courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and are used to supplement one another. While the Squadron diaries and mission reports gave the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these fine aviators, they sadly lacked (except in a few rare occasions) the origins and parentage of the deceased combatants. The Canadian Virtual War Memorial website  on the other hand provided these missing details but alas, nothing on the why and how of the sacrifices of Canada's lost generation of young men.

Menu listing is in alphabetically order.  Some of the entries may seem sketchy and somewhat dry, but that is the nature of such records, you won't find any literary prose here, just the facts.

The purpose of all this is not to glorify war but to underline the supreme and unselfish sacrifice made by members of 439 in the defense of Canada and the hope of a better world. Out of the 68 pilots that served with 439 during the war, fully 29 (44 %) never came back home. May they rest in peace under friendlier skies. Let us never forget the hopes and aspirations nor the loss of this now silenced generation. For there is no greater love than that of a man who lays down his life so that others may live. Less we forget.

To the family, loved ones and friends of those listed herein, we dedicate this page. The Tiger remembers........Continue

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