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Enemy Flak - Heavy, Accurate & Deadly


The enemy's anti-aircraft defences were increasing in volume until sometimes the weather over the Typhoons' targets appeared to be 10-10ths flak. Between the first of October and the middle of December the squadron lost eight pilots. F/Os RA Johns, MP Laycock, J.G. Martin and RA Hiltz, and F/Ls W.L. Saunders and C.A. Lambert were killed or presumed dead. F/O J.A. Brown was taken prisoner when he bailed out of his crippled aircraft, and F/O J.C. Fraser had to force land in Holland where he was sheltered by the Dutch underground until April 1945 when he was able to reach the Canadian forces. Another pilot, F/O RN MacDonald, was killed in a flying accident.


(Photo: courtesy of The Canadian Virtual War Memorial Website used with permission)


This is a photo of the aircraft that F/O RN MacDonald was flying. Note the small X on the nose of the aircraft. Following a successful A&E test on the 3 Nov 1944, the aircraft participated in a a mock dog-fight. Upon on recovering from a tight turn, the aircraft flicked (stalled) and hit a house killing the pilot.

Photo from the collection of Kingsley Ackland and is provided courtesy of Brian Ackland Copyright 2005

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