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Tiger Meets

All photos are from 439 Sqn archives unless otherwise indicated.


Photo source Canadian Airforce Website

The origins of the Tiger Meet is a bit fuzzy. It appears to have started  with two NATO Squadrons, the 79th USAF Tactical Fighter Squadron  and No. 74 RAF Tiger Squadron getting together for some whiskey and cheer in 1960. In 1961 the gathering occurred again, this time with the participation of France's Escadron de Chasse 1/12. In 1962, these gatherings were moulded into a loose organizational and invitations went out to all NATO Squadrons that sported a Tiger of some sort as their squadron emblem or mascot.

Photo Credits

Although the  majority of the photos contained in the Proud to Show Our Stripes  Tiger Meets segment are from 439 Squadron archives, I could not have done such a complete job without the active contribution of two gentlemen from across the pond, who generously provided me with wonderful photos of 439 Tiger Birds in all their glory,  Gert Weckx of and Michel Klaver  of  The
F-4 Phantom Pages
. To both of you my sincere thanks.

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