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WO John (Jack) Hugh Pinnell, CD


LAC John (Jack) Hugh Pinnell as he looked on Aug 20, 1945

Photo courtesy of Brian & Don Pinnell Copyright 2003

Born in London, Ontario March 25, 1924 John (Jack) Hugh Pinnell enlisted in the RCAF as an airframe mechanic on the 27th May, 1942. He was ranked as an Airframe Mechanic  Std. AC-2 (aircraftsman 2nd class) service number CAN/R162783.

Promoted to AFM C (Airframe Mechanic ??) , AC -1 on March 3, 1943 and later promoted to AFM B, LAC (Leading Aircraftsman) on the 17th June, 1943. In addition to his airframe mechanics course,  he was again promoted to FTTR  (Fitter ??) Group 1 LAC, on the same day.

In November 1943, he was shipped overseas along with 123 Squadron which eventually was re-designated 439 Squadron.

He was repatriated back to Canada from 439 Squadron on 30 August 1945 and effectively released from the RCAF on the 24th of November, 1945.


He re-enlisted in the RCAF on March 10, 1946  and served with distinction until 27 January 1969, retiring with the rank of Warrant Officer. 

Decorations awarded include The 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, The Defence Medal, The Canadian Voluntary Service Medal with Clasp, and the Canadian Forces Decoration with Clasp. John (Jack) Hugh Pinnell passed away  13 March 1979 just shy of his 55th birthday.


Sargeant Jack Pinnell gets his first Clasp to his Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) from Squadron leader E.L. Boudreaux. (Jack was in Snags at the time). The CD is presented after 12 years of meritous service while the clap is for 22 years meritous service. Photos courtesy Brian & Don Pinnell. Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.

The info and pictures on these pages were provided by his surviving sons, Brian & Don Pinnell, and his wife Betty, and are dedicated to his memory and all ground crew who served Canada with distinction.


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