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Summary of Events for  No. 439 (CAN) Squadron 

as recorded in the  439 Squadron Operations Record Book


27 December 1944

 B-78 Holland

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Heavy ground haze and heavy frost prevailed throughout the day although there was an absence of heavy cloud. We lost J.44311 F/O B.E. Bell on the first operation of the day although we have some consolation in the fact that he baled out close to the bomb line and is only classified as missing. He had performed 21 sorties, totalling 24:50 operational hours and give him a total of 521:45 flying hours. This makes our pilot strength 21. Eight of our unserviceable aircraft have been transferred to the Maintenance Section for repairs and of the 10 on strength bow, only 8 are serviceable. Many explosions were heard during the day, some are presumed due to flying bombs. Two operations carried out today which constituted the whole of the days flying activity.

Detail of Work Carried Out by  No. 439 RCAF Squadron 

as compiled by in the  439 Squadron Operations Record Book Form 541

A/C Type & Number Crew Duty Up Down




F/L J. Carr

F/O D.E. Johnson

F/O B.E. Bell

F/O J.L. Harrison

Armed Recce 11:15 12:30





Details of Sortie or Flight

F/L Carr led a section of four aircraft off to so an armed off to do an armed recce, without bombs, over the same old battle area south west of AACHEN in the HAUFFALIZE area. They arrived over ST. VITH, the focal point of most of our efforts, and split up into pairs. F/L Carr found a small convoy and had considerable joy.

F/O Bell, leading the other pair searched the area and went down in attack on sighting something. On pulling out, he was seen pouring black smoke. Red 1 came to his aid and noticed flames coming from the radiator. he advised him to bail out and F/O Bell did so but appeared to hit himself on the tail plane and was seen hanging limp in his parachute as he floated earthward. He fell inside German lines at P.7690 and his fate from here is unknown. The remaining three aircraft returned safely. CLAIMS: MET - 6 damaged.

A/C Type & Number Crew Duty Up Down




F/L J.A. Cote

F/O W. Kubicki

F/O W.G. Davis

F/O A.H. Fraser

Armed Recce 12:00 13:45

Details of Sortie or Flight

Four aircraft led by F/L Joe Cote took off at a noonhour heading for the same area (ST. VITH) with the same idea in mind - to prang the Hun. Arriving over the target area Joe Cote spotted  plenty of movement and the next fifteen minutes were spent in using our ammo on a truck convoy which incidentally was pretty well camouflaged, but not well enough. Result, four flamers and two damaged, further results could not be seen as the trucks were hidden by the trees and very well hidden. With their ammo expended, the aircraft returned to base. On the way home they were bounced by two Mustangs, who came out of the sun. Our boys turned into them but didn't fire.


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