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Summary of Events for  No. 439 (CAN) Squadron 

as compiled by  C20089 F/L M. Harrison  in the  439 Squadron Operations Record Book Form 540


17 April  1945

14 A.P.C., England

The weather again  was exceptionally clear and warm with only a very light haze and no cloud that reminds us more of the weather in Canada. The flying for the day amounted to 49 sorties on dive-bombing and one casualty occurred when F/O Murray Hallford's aircraft dropped a fairing on pulling out of a dive, then touching down at the drome, his undercarriage collapsed and the aircraft was rendered a Cat AC. There was nothing else of importance today. The evening was absorbed as usual in the bar and in the local towns of Weymouth, Dorchester as well as Bournemouth. A keg of beer was left from our party a few nights ago and this afforded a very good excuse for celebration. The serviceability increased slightly, but three kites are still on the sick list.

Detail of Work Carried Out by  No. 439 RCAF Squadron 

as compiled by J23040 F/L V.H. LeGear, J37015 F/O A.W. Saunders, and C200589 F/L M. Harrison in the  439 Squadron Operations Record Book Form 541

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